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Join HellHades and the HH Gaming Crew in New World.

Update on Servers: Due to the continuing Queue Times, we’ve decided to move over servers to Hellopia (Central EU). If you have joined us so far on Hellheim and don’t want to start over, keep playing. Once the server transfers are enabled, we’ll make a decision on which server will be our main server.


We are not setting any harsh requirements early on but this may change as the game grows and the company grows. We may also keep the requirements as they are below. We have a limit to each company – if enough want to join we will consider setting up a cluster of clans but right now membership is limited to 100 so we do want players who want to give the game a go and are looking to stick around at least in the short term (minimum requirement). There is only hard requirement (which is actually a game requirement):

  1. You must be in the Syndicate Faction or you will be unable to join the company

If you’d like to join the company, complete the form below and one of the Officers, Consuls or HH will invite you if there is space. On launch it’ll be very much first come first server.

What role do you enjoy playing?
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Thanks for requesting to join the company. A member will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm if you've made it in!
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