Engineering Levelling guide

Complete Engineering Guide

Introduction to Engineering

Engineering is a skill in Amazon’s New World that is one of the most important skills that you’ll need to level. Engineering is the groundwork of the entire game as Iron and Steel is used in everything therefore make sure you level it up and start stockpiling Iron, Steel and Starmetal. But most importantly Iron as you’ll burn through it like no tomorrow when you’re levelling, and it is a great way to make gold but that’s for another article.

By levelling up engineering you can unlock better tools for your gathering. So, you start with flint then iron, then steel, then Starmetal and finally Orichalcum. Flint and Iron can be crafted from level 0 engineering, and you should upgrade your tools as soon as you can! At level 50 engineering you can craft steel tools which increases your speed by 250+%. At level 100 engineering you can make starmetal and it will increase your gathering speed by 400+%. At level 150 engineering you can make Orichalcum tools which increases your gathering speed by 625+%.

What can Engineering do?

Engineering is a way to get better tools and it can help you make better weapons but they take a lot to craft them! By levelling your engineering you can unlock some of the best craftable weapons and the best tools that give you the best gathering speeds. You can fuse them with azoth to get the perks and you’ll want to!

Levelling Engineering Tips

Whilst you’re out gathering resources always look for the easy ones like ores or the mote plants because they’ll give you that intended push because you’ll have the raw resources that are required to level Engineering!

Engineering Efficiency 101

This is a much-needed skill and you need to develop it or you’ll become reliant on other people!

The best way to level up your engineering skill is by crafting Proficiency boosters that only require motes and water! These are the cheapest for resources and give good exp. You can craft 1000’s of these and sell them at the market to try and gain some profits or keep them and use them when you’re farming or give them to company mates. To be able to craft these you’ll need to be able to harvest the ingredients which are at level 30. Then to be able to unlock the proficiency booster you’ll need to get your engineering to level 20. To do this efficiently you can craft some iron arrows and you’ll be up to the level in no problem and if you aren’t using the bow sell them at the trading post to get some gold profits from it! It will cost you some iron, but it is very much worth it in the long run! To be able to craft your tools is huge! Otherwise, you’re looking at the trading post to be spending near up to 500 gold if not more! Especially as people are levelling up and there is no set price on the trading post currently so get in there and make your profits!

Iron Arrows give 108 exp per craft or Weak Proficiency Boosters give 36 exp per craft. Whilst on the face of it the weak proficiency boosters give less exp, they only require one of each material which is an overall gain inefficiency. A mix of both is also viable, especially if gathering in Monarch’s Bluffs since you will run into all the required materials for both routes there. This is the best way to get your experience up in engineering for minimal resources used. You can craft the bigger proficiency boosters, but they give less exp for resources used. But the numbers do look better so don’t fall into the trap when you’re levelling your engineering level.

If this doesn’t work for you or you have resources for gunpowder, then this is another good craft to level your engineering profession. It will also sell well on the trading post because the musket players are needing it to craft their ammunition. The issue is saltpeter is not common in most areas but if you have a load or you can snipe it cheap on the trading post then do it and level up your engineering this way. Then sell the products at a profit unless you need it of course.

These 3 ways are the best to level up your engineering skill in Amazon’s New World! Have you used these methods, or have you found another resource that increases your exp for minimal raw resources? Let us know in the comments!

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