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Introduction to Harvesting

Harvesting is a Gathering Trade Skill that will allow you to collect a raft of plants, crops and magical nodes across New World. These resources can be used in a variety of trade skills including Armorsmithing, Engineering, Arcana, Cooking and Furnishing.

To start harvesting you will need to craft a Sickle. You can do this at any camp when you first enter new world using 1 flint (picked up all over Aeternum) and 1 Green Wood (gathered from young trees or bushes). Bring these resources to a camp and you can craft the Flint Harvesting Sickle. Once crafted, drag this into your crafting slot in the inventory to begin gathering.

flint sickle crafting

You will want to upgrade your tools as you level in New World. Higher tier quality tools not only increase your gathering speed, they will also bring more perks that can increase your luck or return Azoth when you harvest.

Currently there are 5 tiers of crafting tools. The level requirements will vary depending on the quality (gear score) of the tool but as a general guide:

  1. Iron Harvesting Sickle – You should get this almost as soon as you reach town – It will serve you until Level 15-16 and increases your gathering dramatically (125-225% Gathering Speed)
  2. Steel Harvesting Sickle – At around level 20-25 start looking to replace your Iron tool with Steel. This brings your first perks and a big boost to gathering speed (240-350% Gathering Speed)
  3. Starmetal Harvesting Sickle – Your staple tool for most of the mid to late game progression – aim to replace this at around level 35. Start looking for specific perks – suggested perks can be found in the harvesting efficiency section of this guide (370-550% Gathering Speed)
  4. Orichalcum Harvesting Sickle – This will be your forever tool so you will want as high a gear score as you can get with 3 specific perks and high Luck chance. The best tool will be for level 60 but you can look at equipping after around level 54. (560-850% Gathering Speed).

Tools can be purchased from the Trading Post or can be crafted by Engineering trade skills. The quality of the tool will be dependant on the Engineering Level and the crafter’s ability to apply perks, azoth and other factors. Check out our Engineering Guide to learn how to achieve this yourself (coming soon).

What can you gather with Harvesting

Harvesting is probably the most diverse range of gatherable objects in New World. You will need to be at certain levels to collect materials used in Weaving however many of the herbs, vegetables and various plants indigenous to each region can be harvested at Level 1. Below is a table setting out each level unlock from harvesting.

Gatherable Gathered at Tracked At

Farming Crops

Level 0 Level 20


Level 0 Level 25

Regional Fungi

Level 0 Not Trackable

Magical Creatures

Level 0 Level 175

Magic Plants

Level 30 Level 45


Level 100 Level 125


Level 175 Level 200

Harvesting is unique in that certain regions will have their own unique fungi and herbs will drop spices depending on the region that you are collecting in. See below where you can collect each spice and fungi.

Levelling Harvesting Tips

Unlike crafting trade skills, there is no definitive item to collect that will be the way you level up harvesting. Some nodes will yield greater XP and generally the rarer/higher level requirement items will also generate more XP. Aside from the farm crops, fungi and magical plants/creatures, harvesting nodes will spawn in 3 sizes. Beginning with small plants, each variant will yield greater rewards in terms of both resource and experience gained at a cost of longer gathering time.

Our top tips for levelling harvest:

  1. Find a good harvesting loop that is uncontested by other players and fill up a full bag
  2. Harvest a plant you can either sell on the Trading Post or you can use to level up your other crafting trade skills
  3. Pickup a tool that includes harvesting experience gain Perk (see Harvesting Efficiency 101)
  4. Always harvest when you are questing – this will be small gains of experience that will add up when you need to push to the higher levels

If your focus is on XP over resources then Berries, Blueberry and Small Herb plants will yield the greatest XP/Time spent gathering. We recommend you look for good herb farming routes as this can lead to you gathering spices that are valuable in both cooking and on the Trading Post. If you want to focus on other trade skills, Hemp is a great alternative. You can check our guide on best places to farm Hemp here.

Below is a table of experience per plant to help you decide what you want to farm:

Plant Size Harvest Time (Base) Experience Reward (Base) XP/Gather Time
Hemp Small 10 90 9.0
Hemp Medium 15 135 9.0
Hemp Large 25 179 7.2
Farm Crops Unique 12 46 3.8
Berries Small 2.5 46 18.4
Berries Medium 4 46 11.5
Berries Large 6 46 7.7
Blueberry Small 2.5 46 18.4
Blueberry Medium 4 46 11.5
Blueberry Large 6 46 7.7
Herbs Small 4 68 17.0
Herbs Medium 7 90 12.9
Herbs Large 10 90 9.0
Magical Creatures Unique 2 6 3.0
Fungi Unique 12 46 3.8
Prismabloom Unique 12 46 3.8
Magical Plants Unique 20 90 4.5
Silkweed Small 30 224 7.5
Silkweed Medium 45 335 7.4
Silkweed Large 75 447 6.0
Wirefiber Small 40 558 14.0
Wirefiber Medium 60 837 14.0
Wirefiber Large 100 1117 11.2

Using Harvesting Resources

There are 3 core products from harvesting nodes:

  1. Hemp/Silkweed/Wirefibres – These will reward you fibres scaling from tier 1 to tier 3. You will bring these fibres to a Weaving Station and use the Weaving Trading skill to craft Linen, Satin and Silks that you will need for Armoring, Engineering and Furnishing.
  2. Herbs/Farm Crops – Herbs will reward you with Hyssop (used in Arcana) each harvest but there will also be a chance to drop spices used in cooking. These are incredibly valuable in terms of Trading Post gold but also required to craft a number of powerful consumables. Farm crops are also essential for foods that boost primary stats and harvesting/crafting luck
  3. Fungi/Magical Plants/Prismabloom – There will reward you motes, figments and at times epic creature material that you will use primarily in Arcana (motes are universally used in places such as stonecutting for gems or for proficiency potions in Engineering

You will need substantial amounts of the fibre plants and herbs if you want to level your trade skills in Cooking and other crafts. Consumables will become extremely valuable in the end game when you are running wars, expeditions and open world pvp so trading motes for gold is a great early income as those looking to level arcana will seek ways to cut corners.

Harvesting Efficiency 101

Running around Aeternum with a Flint Harvest Sickle and good intentions will lead to a very long road in progressing your Harvesting. You will want to follow our tips below to ensure you can be efficient in whatever goal you have for harvesting.

  1. Maximise Gathering Speed – Use the best tool available to you
  2. Look for the perk Horticulture Discipline on your Sickle – this will reward you with additional XP per gather (between 3-9.4% depending on the gear score).
  3. Reach 200 Intelligence – This will increase your harvesting speed by 10%
  4. Upgrade and slot Bags – At level 10, 30 and 45 you will unlock a bag slot. You should craft/buy the highest tier possible for your level (you can get a rune of holding from the faction vendor to craft your own bag but you will need the appropriate Engineering level).
  5. Bag Perks – Look for Alchemist’s Burden and Weaver’s Burden perks alongside Extra Pockets on your bags if you want to maximise harvesting loops
  1. Maximise Gathering Speed – Use the best tool available to you to speed up your return
  2. Look for the perk Harvesting Yield on your Sickle – this will reward you with additional yield per gather (between 10-19% depending on the gear score).
  3. Add Attribute Points to Intelligence – Each milestone rewards you with Harvesting bonuses
    1. 50 Int = 10% Harvesting Speed
    2. 100 Int = 5% chance for 1 Azoth after Harvesting
    3. 150 Int = 10% reduction in Harvesting Item Weight
    4. 200 Int = 10% Harvesting Speed
    5. 250 Int = 10% Harvesting Yield
  4. Upgrade and slot Bags – At level 10, 30 and 45 you will unlock a bag slot. You should craft/buy the highest tier possible for your level (you can get a rune of holding from the faction vendor to craft your own bag but you will need the appropriate Engineering level).
  5. Bag Perks – Look for Alchemist’s Burden OR Weaver’s Burden perks alongside Extra Pockets and Luck on your bags if you want to maximise harvesting loops
  6. Look for Azoth Extraction perk on your Sickle – this will give you a chance (30-58% depending on gear score) to earn 1 Azoth per yield which will help you fast travel and sustain your Azoth stores for crafting.
  7. Craft Weak Proficiency Booster potions at a workshop (you can craft higher tier potions if you have the resources/engineering score) – This will give you 5% more yield for 10 minutes and you can carry a stack of 100 potions without affecting your bag space. These only require harvestable motes and Water (gathered from any stream/ocean) which you should be gathering along your way.
  8. Gathering in Territories your faction owns can yield 10% more per harvest – Prioritise the most efficient loop but co-ordinate with your faction to Declare war and own those settlements of value to you!
  1. Pick a base of operations and purchase a House – This will give you a free teleport that has a cooldown (amount of cooldown depends on the tier of house purchased). This cooldown can be reset for far less azoth than it would cost to fast travel
  2. Place storage Chests in your house – You can place 3 in one house adding significant storage to your base of operations. The quality of the chest will determine how much additional storage you gain (storage is added to the town storage)
  3. Territory Storage Reputation Reward – Always take the Town Storage reward when it is available from the Territory Reputation System. Storage will be your biggest burden when gathering
  4. Convert your harvested material at refining stations – This will reduce the weight in your bags
  5. Use the Trading Post – Sell excess materials you don’t require on the Trading Posts, checking where things sell well and for high gold coin (rather than throwing at any price in the most convenient location)

Luck – Rare, Epic and Legendary Gathering Tips

Luck is an attribute on your character that determines the probability your Harvesting activity will yield a rare, epic or legendary reward from plants such as Scalecloth. These resources are required to craft powerful Tier 4 and 5 equipment, consumables and other items and are generally in high demand. Depending on the loot tables that the plant can drop, the amount of Luck you have will increase the chances of you getting this valuable resource. As such, you will need to gear towards maximising your Luck. For Harvesting, 1000 Luck is the equivalent of 1% chance to harvest the rare item (these change depending on loot tables). To learn more about how luck works – read our guide on Luck here (coming soon).

Minimum Luck Thresholds

In order for you to have the opportunity to yield rare resources you will need a minimum luck score:

  1. 1000 Luck to harvest tier 2 & 3 rare fiber materials
  2. 1100 Luck to harvest Flowers from Magical Plants
  3. 1450 Luck to harvest Tier 4 rare fiber Materials
  4. 1800 Luck to harvest Tier 5 rare fiber Materials.

Gaining Luck

Luck is acquired from various levels, perks and armor. Below we breakdown the Highest amount of Luck you can achieve:

  1. Harvesting Level: You gain luck for each Harvesting Level you have reached at a rate of Harvesting Level * 10 therefore at level 200 you will have 2000 Luck.
  2. Cooked Food: An appropriately levelled Cooking Trade Skill can craft consumable foods that give you a temporary boost of luck for a period of time. This will scale depend on Tier and you will need to find or buy the high tier recipes. Currently the Tier 5 food will reward 2000 points of luck for 40 minutes
  3. Housing Trophy: Owning Houses can greatly increase your Luck – you can craft Trophies at a Workshop at various levels of furnishing – these trophies may require a rare, epic or legendary material of their own. There are currently 3 tiers of Trophy, Minor (500 Luck), Basic (1000 Luck) and Major (1500 Luck) and 1 trophy can be active in each house. Therefore at any one point in time you can have 3 Major Harvesting trophies active (1 in each house you own) for a total of 4500 Luck
  4. Harvester Armor Sets: As you defeat enemies in New World, they have a chance to drop Harvester Armor. This unique armor will always roll with Intelligence and the Reinforced Harvesting Luck perk. This perk rewards 2000 – 5000 Luck, depending on the Gear Score of the drop. The current maximum Gear Score is 600 therefore if you acquire and wear all 5 pieces of the armor set you will earn 25000 Luck
  5. Adored Harvesting Luck Perk: An amulet can roll with this perk that will reward 5000 – 9500 Luck depending on gear score. You can craft Platinum amulets if your jewelcrafting is of a sufficient level to try to reach 600 gear score giving a total of 9500 additional Luck.
  6. Orichalcum Sickle: Crafting a sickle with the Harvesting Luck perk will give you further Luck (2-9.3% depending on gear score). A 600 Gear Score Sickle can therefore give you a further 9300 Luck.

This will leave a fully maxed out Harvester with: 52300 or 52.3% Luck 

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