In New World, Invasions is a Player-versus-Environment (PvE) content that is connected to controlling one Aeternum’s Territories. Forces aligned with the Corruption will lay siege (similar to that of Company Wars) to your territory’s Fort. You will be required to mount a defence against the coming onslaught. This will take the form of escalating waves making the siege a challenge as it progresses.

When will an Invasion begin?

A key component of owning territories is the ability to improve and upgrade the facilities in each town. As you do so, the Corrupted, an alliance of supernatural creatures and monsters, will begin to take notice and you will start to witness more Corrupted Breaches that grow in strength as the territory grows in strength. Once the Corrupted have amassed enough strength, they will begin the Siege of your Territory. Players will need to plan ahead and work together to ensure the successful defense of the territory or risk the settlements facilities being downgraded should the Corrupted be victorious. The larger the settlement the larger the downgrade so it is important that a company ensure they can defeat the invasion.

How do you participate in an Invasion?

The day before an Invasion, players can sign up for the event at the Settlement’s Town Board. The Governor of the defending Territory can choose 10 heroes to accompany them in the upcoming battle. The remaining 40 slots are randomly selected from players who signed up to take part in the next Invasion. Note that only players at Level 50 or above can participate in Invasions and an Invasion will only begin once the Governor has reached level 50.

How do you Prepare for an Invasion?

When an Invasion starts and you have been chosen to participate, you will be automatically transported to the Fort with your other teammates and provided with 50 Battle Tokens. When the Invasion begins, players will have a limited time to use their Tokens at the Armory to better prepare for the fight by purchasing items such as potions, traps and ammunition for structures such as turrets. Players can opt to save these tokens for later use in the battle also. Players can earn and use additional Battle Tokens by performing various actions during battles, such as killing, repairing, or healing.

The Invasion

It’s time to defend your territory. Enemies start emerging from Corrupted Portals around the Fort. This is the first of eight waves of enemies, so strategy and tactics will be essential especially with Battle Tokens taken into effect. Your goal is to repel all 8 waves or survive with the fort gates intact until the timer expires.

Don’t underestimate your enemies in this battle. You will have to adapt your combat style according to different kinds of creatures, each with different skills and abilities. Here’s a list of some of the creatures:

  • Grunts: Pose little threat but when they swarm, they can quickly take down any target. They focus on destroying structures. If they can’t reach one of them, they begin to attack players. After a period of time, they start to frenzy, creating fast, intense, and increased damage while also burning themselves out. We recommended destroying Grunts as quickly as possible.
  • Raiders: Shock troops of the invading forces. They are skilled, tough and well-equipped. They are more than capable of handling themselves in melee combat. They focus on attacking players but will attack structures if there are no players in range.
  • Snipers: Ranged enemies that hang back and take pot shots of players from afar. They prioritize targets on the ramparts and are effective at suppressing turrets. They are also evasive, dodging and ducking to avoid player attacks.
  • Bombers: Runners with explosives strapped to their back. They run at structures and then blow themselves up, dealing significant damage. It is highly recommended to take them down using ranged weapons because they explode on death.
  • Brutes: Huge, hulking beasts that smash structures. They will occasionally attack players that annoy them but are otherwise focused on destroying defences. Brutes are very tough and require multiple players in order to defeat.
  • Bosses: These will vary on each invasion. Some are focused on destroying structures while others focus on attacking players. In addition, some of them apply buffs to other invading forces or debuffs to players.

Defensive Siege Weapons and Structures

During the battle, players can use various Siege Weapons and Structures to help defend the Fort. This is limited to players in the Company that governs the Territory and they can only be prepared and setup prior to the Invasion starting. You can improve the quality and strength of these structures by making upgrades in Town Projects.

Weapons are incredibly powerful and will prove vital in your defense but you will need to ensure you protect them. Once destroyed you cannot replace during the invasion. Tokens can be used to repair and maintain these weapons/structures. Ammunition will be required to operate the weapons. You will need to plan and prepare ensuring players distribute their tokens between acquiring and building weapons, tokens to repair and tokens to bring ammo.

Currently the following weapons/structures are available:

  • Ballista – A mounted turret that shoots powerful projectiles at moderate firing speed. Use these to destroy structures as well as taking out large foes such as Brutes
  • Horn of Resilience – Support structure used to boost the defenders. It will provide a powerful heal and defense buff in the area it is placed. Note: This horn has a long cooldown so should be used timely.
  • Explosive Cannon – Mounted Turret that can be used to crowd-control enemies. Shots will stagger and knock enemies back making it ideal for dispersing large groups of enemies or denying access to an area. It is a relatively slow firing rate and will find it difficulty to stop fast enemies.
  • Inferno Mines – New Worlds answer to land mines! Once triggered the floor will be engulfed in flames dealing significant damage to all enemies in the area. Its a big area and suitable for denying access to a path or by causing lethal destruction in a choke point.
  • Repeater Turret – Another mounted Turret and the “Machine Gun” of invasions. It is quick to fire and will output low damage but at much faster speeds than the other turrets. This is the ideal solution for fast moving targets.
  • Powder Keg – A typical Pirate Move this one! Light the fuse and watch as it decimates structures – arguably the most significant damage dealing structure in the invasion. The key does need to be manually lit and will not explode if it is defeated so you’ll need to defend the keg!
  • Dropper – A throwback to good old Medieval Fortress defence, the Dropper is placed above gates and will drop molten liquid or oil onto enemies below. This will deal significant damage over time and can be used as a last ditch attempt to protect the gates from being breached.

The Spoils of Invasion – Rewards!

At the end of the siege, players will be teleported back to where they were before the battle began. Whether you were successful or not, players will receive experience, gold and loot for competing in the invasions. These rewards will scale and will be enhanced if you were victorious. If you failed to defend your fort, your town will be downgraded and you’ll have to reinvest back in the resources to upgrade your town once again.

Good luck in defending your hard earned territories against the forces of Corruption!

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