Jewelcrafting Levelling Guide

Complete Jewelcrafting Guide

Last Updated: 26/10/2021

Introduction to Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting is a skill that you can level in New World, and it can increase your attribute stats such as focus, constitution and the rest of the attributes. Jewelcrafting can also give better stats such as increasing your taunt and threat by 100+% or you can reduce your threat by a %. This is good for either tank, great axe or hammer players whilst reduced threat is good for lifestaff users and mages with either fire or ice gauntlet. There are many other gems you can use and these are just basic examples!

What can you do with Jewelcrafting?

Jewelcrafting is seen as a late-game skill to level as you’ll be changing gear so often that putting gems on gear will mean they will get destroyed. Therefore you should only use tiers 1-3 as destroying these won’t be that sad! Save the higher tiers for your forever gear. With Jewelcrafting you can create a bunch of gems or accessories. Such as rings, earrings and amulets. These are easy to make and can increase stats on your character very easily and if you make cheap ones to start with then you can always upgrade as your level increases.

Jewelcrafting is a great use for your gold and silver that you’ve smelted but can’t find a use for! In the outfitting station, if you scroll down, you’ll find silver settings, silver chains, silver hooks and silver bands then eventually when you level up your Jewelcrafting you’ll be able to make gold bands, chains, settings and hooks. This is one of the main uses for silver and gold then eventually platinum when you get to the level where you can mine, smelt and craft platinum objects.

By using these resources, it will also level your Jewelcrafting level just to get your stock levels lower. It is worth getting your level up as late game it will become vital you have better gems as it will help you when fighting dungeons and some gems are better for PvP than others.

For late game, you’ll need to see what gems are best for your build for example all the lifestaff mains will need an amber gem in the secondary weapon because the amber gem takes a % of the focus attribute and converts it onto your weapon! This is huge therefore make sure you read all the gems and add all the gems that are relevant to you!

Levelling Jewelcrafting Tips

To level your Jewelcrafting you need to cut your gems at the stonecutting table. This is easy to do, and you’ll pick them up easily through quests or mining as extra rewards. The gems can come in clutch however you won’t want them straight away as you’ll keep upgrading your armour and the gem will be wasted. So don’t use the big boy pristine gems as they’ll be wasted and disposed of when you upgrade your gear. It’s fine to use tier 1 or 2 because they are easily replaceable. Therefore, you don’t want to focus on this at a crazy early level, unless that’s what you want to do and specialise in.

To level up your Jewelcrafting quickly and efficiently you need to bulk craft the flawed amulets because they give good exp and don’t take many resources to make. You can make any of them as they give the same experience and cost the same in resources. However, if you have a stockpile of carnelian gems then make a load of them as early levels these are the most important and any spares you may have crafted can be sold at a profit on the market! So, make sure any spare gems that you have laying around in storage you could be sitting on wasted levelling and of course, you’ll get experience for your main level at the same time! So why waste a “win-win” situation!

Jewelcrafting Efficiency 101

Running around Aeternum with finding random gems whilst you’re mining can be good but why not learn to Jewelcraft efficiently by following the tips below!

  1. Burn any small gems and cut them, you should pick up a load on your adventure or go to a dungeon and you’ll pick up loads from the chests.
  2. Buy small gems of the market you can get the cheapest one that doesn’t hold much value to you so don’t look for carnelian gems as they are sought after and will cost more.
  3. After you’ve smelted your silver, gold and platinum go to the Outfitting station and make the holds for the gems so the bands, rings and earring loops.
  4. Craft bulk amulets with any cut gems that you have and then if they are unwanted sell them on the marketplace or salvage them and get more crafting materials.
  1. Pick a base of operations and purchase a House – This will give you a free teleport that has a cooldown (amount of cooldown depends on the tier of the house purchased). This cooldown can be reset for far less azoth than it would cost to fast travel
  2. Place storage Chests in your house – You can place 3 in one house adding significant storage to your base of operations. The quality of the chest will determine how much additional storage you gain (storage is added to the town storage)
  3. Always take the Town Storage reward when it is available from the Territory Reputation System. Storage will be your biggest burden.
  4. Sell excess materials you don’t require on the Trading Post

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