New World Server Transfer News/Update

Amazon’s New World has released a statement on transferring your progress from one server to another and to be honest it’s not what we were expecting or what some of us wanted to hear!

The development team has pushed back their release date for it for another week due to some technical issues they are having as obviously they want it to go as smooth as possible.

However, at least we know it will be soon and we can be gaming with pals soon!

Right at the start of launch when queues were in the double digits of hours Amazon came out and said a free transfer would be available so players started to migrate to a server with a little population so they could start their MMO adventure. Most of the HH gaming community moved over and we reformed the company on a new server to get some playing time, as most of us had experienced some form of hellish queue that no one wants to be a part of.

At the start Amazon said you’ll be able to transfer from any server to any server including region however it has recently come to light that they’ve retracted this and now have said:

You can move your character to any world in your region, except: You cannot move your character to a full world. You cannot move your character to a world in maintenance. You cannot move your character to a world set that you have an existing character in already.”  – Forum Post

In this, they specifically say in your region and that had the community asking questions. “Can I move from US East to US West?” And the community Managers said No that will not be possible therefore any overseas friends won’t be able to join in with you unless they create a brand-new character and lose over a weeks’ worth of progress which for some people who have limited time to play, because of their work and personal life, will lose out on what feels like valuable time for them.

The system they have in place to get the server transfer to happen is a token from the in-game store that will be free for the first one as they pushed people onto the low populated servers just to reduce the queue times. In their earlier posts on Twitter, Amazon just wanted players in the game so whilst expanding the number of servers available to players they told any new players go there, and later when the launch rush has calmed down, they would give a free transfer so they can play with friends.

How do you change server?

There are some rules you need to follow to be able to change your server and remember “this is only for a server in your region”.

For Example, Saphyrra from HH gaming will be transferring from Hellheim to Hellopia as both are on the EU Central list. We are missing him on our server along with a few others!

You will have to sit through your queue time one last time and log into your character on the original server to change. But, just think this could be your last ever queue! And there are many pros to playing with your friends! Once you are in the game go to the store and there will be a tab to claim your free server transfer token.

You’ll need to leave your precious company but remember to take all the gold out, so it doesn’t go into the void! As gold will transfer this will be a must to take it out and either keep it for yourself or donate it to the new company.

Anything in your trading post will also go into the void so make sure you take anything out that is worth selling which in theory should be everything because eventually it will sell you just need to find the right buyer and who knows maybe they are on the server you’re about to head to!

If you’ve placed any buy orders they need to be removed as well but when you’re on the next server make sure you add them back on so you can efficiently buy and sell once again. Finally, you will need to be in a settlement to transfer, this is because if wildlife attacks you who knows how that would affect your transfer so it’s just safer for Amazon to say get to a safe place such as a settlement or outposts.

What transfers with you?

Amazon has said what is transferrable for all you worried souls. This has been quite a hot topic for server transfers as lots of people are unsure of what comes across with them.

Any character progression comes with you such as weapon mastery, level and titles that you may have acquired.

For all of you that have mastered a weapon and have the prestigious title don’t worry you can flex on us all when you move!

You’ll keep all your storage and inventory so all the countless hour’s mining and logging will carry over and all the collected resources will transfer with you!

The currency comes with you so all that gold that you’ve been collecting by selling on the trading post comes across. This comes back to the point make sure you take the companies treasury with you as it may come in handy in the next server.

Housing and housing decorations have been confirmed to move over as there have been loads of people unsure on this topic however taxes may have increased or decreased depending on the server you are currently in and the server you are transferring to.

Quest progress has also been confirmed to migrate which you’d very much hope for as that would be awkward levels 40+ redoing the basic quests and being forced into the Armine excavation again.

Amazon Studios have said that transfers will be available later in the game as well as purchasable in the store. However, this is a long-term project for them as they will be closely monitoring the servers’ queues and populations. But with this freebie, you should have all you need to be able to play with friends again.

So, Server Transfers are coming into New World within a week and all the important details are above as soon as we find out more, we’ll keep you guys updated so watch this space!

Let us know in the comments below how do you think Amazon has approached the server transfer system and if you think this will help the game going forward?

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