The VP of games at Amazon said what?!?!

The VP of games at Amazon recently held an interview where he talked about his pros and cons and gave views on how the newest game from Amazon “New World”. The game has been out a month and he gave what his opinions are of launch and if he thinks the game has a good enough future ahead of itself.

During the interview, this was one of his quotes:

“So far, we haven’t had a lot of complaints about the game,” says Hartmann. “You can see our Steam reviews. They were very good in the beginning, then they went down because of the queue time. Now they went up to being good again because it’s more or less resolved, so I guess people are still having fun.” Christoph Hartmann, VP of Games at Amazon

Now I know he not be on social media or even playing the game but we’ve seen a fair few bugs which literally broke the game and players have been trying their luck to replicate these bugs as they give your character such a huge advantage that it makes the game totally unbalanced and unfair to play. The Dev teams have been working hard to fix these issues however they couldn’t fix them fast enough for enough people to exploit them.

Just to name a few game-breaking bugs:

War –

  • People were exiting the client and claiming the victory chest over and over again to make 20+ chests that contained decent high-end rewards so instead of the one that they were supposed to receive they had multiple which made it an unfair advantage because of the free rewards they got.
  • Mass reporting the winner so they couldn’t receive the rewards and couldn’t fight back meaning they were losing a winning battle and couldn’t overthrow the territory leader.
  • People making themselves invulnerable and standing on the capture points without taking damage so attacking these points were useless and they would never lose!

These all lead to wars being fixed and they had to close them to stop exploiters. Therefore wars haven’t been around so people couldn’t overthrow another faction which was one of the main points in the PvP side. The wars went down for over 2 weeks whilst they tried to fix these bugs but it ruined peoples experiences as they grinded to late game and couldn’t even experience it. For some people, this is the reason that they play MMO’s and to have this taken away from them really rustled their feathers!

Not to mention the economy is on a free fall (unless you own EF or WW). Some of the economy from the game is very broken as people aren’t sure how to work it fully and it kind of ruins the game in terms of gaining gold!

The launch itself went well but as players progressed through to the late game areas of the game they started to notice the bugs that were popping up and ruining the game! So unless the VP of New World is being lied to he must be blind if he can’t see any issues with the games current state as we’ve seen multiple complaints that literally broke the game!

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Christoph Hartmann, VP of games at Amazon

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