The Depths Dungeon Boss Fight!

The Depths dungeon itself is pretty easy and self-explanatory however the boss did prove to be a challenge that you’ll need to overcome! The boss has a few key moves you need to learn in order to beat it but more on that later! The boss annoyingly has 2 lives so you’ll get it down to 25% HP then it will regen health to MAX and start its sequence of events!

The first downing of the boss is simple and you’ll need a basic Dungeon strategy for it which is tanks taunt it, healers heal your team and DPS nuke it! then the tricky bit starts and it feels like the power is ramped by 5x as the hits the boss starts to do begin to hurt and your tanks are going to feel very squishy all of a sudden! Your healers may need to be working in overdrive and carry those mana pots because they will become essential!

The Bosses Sayings/Abilities:

“Time to taste corrupted steel” = A corrupted portal will spawn above his head and explode knocking anyone who is in close proximity back and dealing some serious damage. Any squishy target may need to run at all costs because it will most likely one-shot you!

“Ha, Pathetic” = Points his sword at his target and charges full steam ahead at you, you need to dodge it in perfect timing or he will one-shot you. As experienced by us many times whilst trying to complete it the first time! He will do 4-5 attacks and you’ll need to get away by dodging them or else you may want to restart the run!

“Prepare to have your soul crushed” = The laser beam is fired from his sword in a slow circular motion and unless you are right on top of him you should be able to avoid this very easily and quickly! The damage isn’t as high as the other abilities so if you can dodge it then great but if you can’t you should be able to outlive it enough to get out of the path of fire and regain some health.

“This will be the last time we meet” = Spawns 2 mobs that are some tanky units! If they get their abilities away they will roll a massive boulder towards your face and it will down to you to avoid it! The Boss says this right as he respawns so be prepared to take out the mobs asap because they will become an inconvenience and trap you into the corner lowering your chances of completing the dungeon!

“Crush you beneath my heel” = You need to do more dodging as he’ll launch a fireball onto the floor that will burn the ground beneath you and trust us when we say it’s painful and will one-shot you! This was the fault of many of our runs because the fire blends into the floor and there was a bug where it would stay 1-2 seconds after the visuals went away causing us to fail our runs again because we would venture into the fire by mistake.

The Strategy:

The way to beat the boss is to have 2 healers and yes this may take longer but safer is better than quicker! Unless you are very over levelled then 2 healers makes all the difference! Then you want a tank and 2 DPS preferably ranged as you don’t want to be standing in the boss’s AOE abilities because it will make it a lot harder for your healers to keep you up! The tanks keep aggro of the boss whilst the DPS nuke it as fast as they can and the healers keep everyone topped up with health!

Take out the mobs as soon as they spawn, we tried this with the mobs and by focusing the mobs and when we focused them, it went a lot smoother and we had more successful runs!

Hope this helps! Comment below if you used a different strategy!

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